Transforming the carbon no one wants into the chemicals we all need.

"Chemicals made from oil and natural gas have become crucial to our daily lives, but using these feedstocks comes at the cost of our climate and environment. At Lectrolyst, we're building a brand-new chemical synthesis platform which uses electricity and carbon waste from renewable sources to create essential chemicals which drive our world. With this scalable technology we're able to produce a wide range of products to directly meet the needs of our customers, including sustainable acetate production for precision fermentation to becoming the beating heart of high-volume production."

-Greg Hutchings, President and Co-founder of Lectrolyst

Controlling Carbon Emissions

So much of our global chemical production is reliant on oil and natural gas, which inevitably produces carbon dioxide waste. Despite global efforts to prevent excessive carbon dioxide emissions and limit climate change, we need more aggressive solutions that change long-standing industrial processes for a greener future.

What if we could turn greenhouse gases into green solutions?

Creating Green Chemicals with Custom Solutions

In today's world, virtually every product we create—whether it's the fuel that powers our transportation, the bottles that hold our favorite drinks, or the clothes we wear—contributes to the production of greenhouse gases. The scale of our industrial activities and the constant demand for convenience have led to an alarming surge in greenhouse gas emissions. Our continued pursuit of progress is exacting an ever-increasing toll on our planet's climate, and the consequences are felt by every member of society. 

Some emissions are simply inevitable, so at Lectrolyst we focus on harnessing those emissions into chemicals produced without oil or natural gas. We are creating a device for generating high-value multi-carbon products through a new electrically-powered tandem CO2 conversion process, which allows us to provide custom CO2 conversion solutions and serve a wide range of markets

What sets us apart from competing direct CO2 conversion is our tandem process for more selectivity towards a focused product range, higher process efficiency, and inexpensive system design. Our modular, scalable system can match any CO2 source volume and downstream production need with ease.

Creating acetate from CO2 for precision fermentation

Recently, we've joined a consortium funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Novo Nordisk Foundation to create acetate from CO2, which enables food production through precision fermentation that requires far less land than farming. Read more about our combined efforts here, or check out this video.

Through a combination of chemical engineering and biotechnology advances, the goal is to dramatically reduce agricultural land use for a growing world population while simultaneously harnessing the carbon emissions that increasingly threaten global food supplies through climate change. It's one way that Lectrolyst is working every day to provide practical solutions for CO2 utilization.