Transforming the carbon no one wants into the chemicals we all need.

"Chemicals made from oil and natural gas have become crucial to our daily lives, but using these feedstocks comes at the cost of our climate and environment. At Lectrolyst, we're building a brand-new chemical synthesis platform which uses electricity and carbon waste from renewable sources to create essential chemicals which drive our world. With this scalable technology we're able to produce a wide range of products to directly meet the needs of our customers, from generating small-batch specialty chemicals to becoming the beating heart of high-volume production."

-Greg Hutchings, President and Co-founder of Lectrolyst

Carbon-Negative Chemicals

Whenever a product is made—from transportation fuels, soda bottles, even clothing—greenhouse gases are generated. As our world has advanced, our impact on its climate has increased due to the massive volume of emissions.

What if we could use greenhouse gases to make products directly?

This represents a new, carbon-negative paradigm, and it's what we work on daily at Lectrolyst.

Controlling Carbon Emissions

So much of our global chemical production is reliant on oil and natural gas, which inevitably produces carbon dioxide waste. Despite global efforts to prevent excessive carbon dioxide emissions and limit climate change, we need more aggressive solutions that change long-standing industrial processes for a greener future.

To solve this core emissions issue, we are creating a device for generating high-value multi-carbon products from carbon monoxide (CO) with cheap electricity, which integrates with current natural gas infrastructure and upcoming carbon dioxide (CO2) transformation capabilities. 

The CO we need can be directly and effectively produced from CO2 waste through green production equipment—after that, we make the more complex, higher-value chemicals our society needs with our own core technology.

What sets us apart from competing direct CO2 conversion is our ability to co-react with other feedstocks to make specialty products. This capability opens new market opportunities with every chemical product, and our scalable technology can match any volume required with ease. Our library is constantly expanding! 

Our device serves as a new chemical platform for making high-volume chemicals and specialties.